We are a MR & VR development studio

We design and develop custom MR and VR experiences for all platforms. We build animated and interactive 3D environments, in which we integrate video content, spatialized sound and real-time data. 


Our UX/UI experts will help you build the VR or MR experience you're looking for.

We will work with you to find out the best way to create a compelling 3D environment or holographic elements with user-friendly interactions. Our motion designers will add life to them!

App development

Our development team will make the concept come to life!

Working with Unity3D enables us to create applications compatible with all VR and MR platforms. Our developers have a strong experience in 3D development and appropriate SDKs.


Accompanying you for the release and the promotion of your app!

We will be happy to guide you for preparing the releases on the targeted MR and VR plaftorms. We will also work with you to promote your application once it is published on the stores.

Creating 3D environments and elements

The 3D environment is a key part of a VR application, just like holographic elements are essential to MR. This is why it is one of our main focus. Our 3D designers can create concepts ranging from cartoon-like designs to photo-realistic environments. Always taking into account the possibilities of the targetted platform.

The 3D environment typically includes: a Skybox, 3D objects, animations and environmental sounds.

Integrating 360 content

360 videos and photos play a big part in creating an outstanding experience for the users. We can integrate the 360 content you produce into your VR application.

Both monoscopic and stereoscopic 360 content can be added. We also manage the implementation of 3D sound, which gives the user an even greater sense of immersion. We can handle videos and photos produced by any 360 camera or rig. 

Broadcasting live events

Broadcasting live content in VR is one of the best experience you can offer to your users. Making them feel as if they were physically there, using live 360 video and real-time data integration, creates an experience that just wasn't possible before.

Our team has been among the first to offer a live experience with 360 video and real-time data integration during a major sport event and has developed a strong experience in this area.