We offer white-label solutions

 We offer turnkey products for you to easily broadcast your content to the widest amount of users. Our solutions integrate dedicated back-offices to manage the upload of photos and videos on white-label apps for all types of mobile platforms and VR/MR headsets.

Turnkey solutions

Once setup, your solution will allow you to autonomously upload, edit and publish your 360 photos or videos from a dedicated back-office. Your content will then be automatically broadcasted on the devices you've selected amongst all mobile and platforms.


Our offer integrates the customization of the apps you select. Mobile apps and VR apps will all be showcasing a customized layout in harmony with your brand. This customization process takes place during the setup of the solution and we'll be monitored by our UI expert team.


Our products are evolving during time, with regular updates. New features are deployed on a regular basis for you and your users to get the best experience possible. An operating licence allow you to continuously access to those new versions of back-office and apps.

Augmented Live

White-label application to watch live games in VR & MR.

The Augmented Live is an experience made for sports fans ! Immerse in a virtual & interactive studio to follow your match with live data displayed in overlay (such as replays, multicam, statistics, social and editorial content) upon the live streaming. Our solution is available for both VR and MR (Hololens) platforms.

360 Wall

The white-label application to distribute your 360 videos!

The 360 Wall is a set of applications (VR and mobile) that can be customized with your own branding. You can use the dedicated back-office to manage the videos displayed in the applications. On mobile, our player allows both touch and gyroscopic navigation, and integrates the Cardboard mode. Both monoscopic and stereoscopic formats are managed, as well as spatialized sound, for mobile and VR apps.

360 Visit

White-label application to explore places using 360 pictures.

All 360 photos uploaded from the back-office are available for visit in the applications (VR and mobile). Users can easily switch from one place to another, and can navigate within a given place. For each 360 photo, you can setup points of interest. Those POI are presented in the apps as interactive caption, that will be appear in overlay above the photo when the user will gaze at it.