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Media kit

Summary is a french startup founded in 2016 by Emmanuelle Roger (CEO) & Stéphane Guerin (CTO). As they were convinced that the future of sports industry would be in the creation of immersive fan experiences and that it would give new opportunities for leagues and clubs to engage further with their audience, they’ve founded

The company is incubated at STATION F in the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab in Paris since late 2018, and is part of the Future 40, the selection gathering the 40 most promising startups of STATION F. The company is composed of experts on immersive technologies, design, development, and data, all sports fans and dedicated to one goal: Reinventing the Sports Fan Experience (including eSports) with Augmented Reality

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of content creation with Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, the team has developed strong partnerships with the manufacturers of the latest smart glasses and mobile AR toolkits and has been recognized as an Official Magic Leap Creator and a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner.

Since mid-2019, has developed a pioneer solution for sports fans called ARISEThis interactive and personalized solution, mixing computer vision, machine learning and augmented reality, allows every fan to create their own show and give them full control over their live experience.

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