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Live Sports
stepping into
the Metaverse
Live Sports
stepping into
the Metaverse

Live sports stepping into the metaverse

We enhance sports fan experience across the world


Empower your fans

Give fans the opportunity to better understand the game through live insights and statistics displayed directly on top of the action.


Engage your community

Find new ways to interact with your community & share your content in your app throughout the game.


Drive revenue

Highlight your partners and showcase your merchandising differently with Augmented Reality.


Turn the game into an AR show

Let your fans take control of the Live show and feel closer to the action with Augmented Reality content & real-time statistics, in the Stadium and at Home

Arise for home

Arise for home

Arise for home

Arise for home

Arise for home

Arise for stadium

Arise for stadium

Arise for stadium

Arise for stadium

Arise for stadium


Meet the future of watching TV

Step into the future of watching sports on TV and turn it into an interactive multi-screen experience, with live game analysis and 3D animations in AR.


Plug-and-play & "à la carte"


Brand your app with your style, colors, and sponsors. Enable the modules your fans need.

Easy to integrate

SDK-based solution, Arise can easily be plugged into your app. Or we can deliver it as a standalone app.


Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Cycling, eSports… & many more to come!


Available on Smartphones (iOS, Android) & Smartglasses. So you get the best out of your device.


Backed by our R&D labs

Dev Lab

Our experts develop your Augmented Reality experience for mobile or smartglasses using the latest AR toolkits and integrating live sports data.

  • Live data management
  • Synchro & catchup

Data Lab

Our data scientists work with the latest ML and CV technologies to detect, track and augment objects in space, providing a smooth user experience with AR.

  • Environment reco (TV)
  • Pitch reco

Design Lab

Our AR design experts define state-of-the-art AR user journeys and create brand new 3D visualizations and animations for the fans!

  • Live show AR
  • Metaverse navigation


Turning advertisement into entertainment

Augmented Reality offers you brand new ways to promote your sponsors. Take advertising to new heights and engage your audience with the content.

  • Classic 2D sponsor placements
  • Classic in-video ads insertion
  • Merchandising integration
  • Advanced AR sponsor integration
  • Sponsored Minigames


Whether it is via our product or our studio, discover our latest experiences

Our studio

We help you bring to life your augmented reality projects thanks to our design, development, ML & delivery expertise.

Our portfolio

Since 2016, our team of AR experts creates the finest sports interactive experiences on mobile and smart glasses.

Want to know more about ARISE?

If you need further information, want to book a live demo of the product or simply want to talk with us about the future of the fan experience, contact us!