SPORTSINNOVATION 2024 and DFL showcased a Revolutionary Sports Viewing Experience on Apple Vision Pro

Mar 2024
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Apple VisionPro

With the unveiling of the Apple Vision Pro, a new frontier for immersive technology emerged, offering untapped potential for revolutionizing the sports viewing experience. 

For SportsInnovation 2024 in Dusseldorf, DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga and aimed at exploring the full capabilities of augmented reality and interactive potential of Apple’s latest device to enhance the football viewing experience.
The experience was showcased live during the second innovation game and sought to redefine how fans engage with live football, transforming passive viewing into an interactive, immersive and personalized experience.

What fans say about it

“This is so cool - have always wanted to get more of the playing field in view when watching sports”

“I would pay for this new sports experience. I can imagine so many new features coming up in future.”

“This is the only reason I'll buy an AVP. As a sports addict, this is incredible.”

“Give me this for NHL, NFL & UFC and I'll give you my paycheck. 😍”

“It’s gonna be a game changer. I can see leagues offering subscriptions for field view camera POV. This would be great for F1 !”

Experience overview

Live & Interactive Tactical View

Using TRACAB Gen 6 technology, a live 3D model offers fans a dynamic, bird’s-eye view of player and ball movements, enriching the game with a tactical layer. This interactive overview is complemented by real-time insights, with in-depth player analytics and performance data accessible with a simple click, allowing fans to grasp the strategy and flow of the match like never before.

Personalized Viewing Experience

Viewers can customize their experience with alternative video feeds and angles from Sportcast GmbH, Highlights and VOD library on demand and even decide to immerse themselves in Dusseldorf stadium; making every game a personalized and immersive journey.

Press coverage


“The future of watching football is here”


“FIFA+ App Shares Real-Time AR Stats for World Cup Fans”

SVG Europe (Sports Video Group)

“SportsInnovation 2024: New viewing experiences and tracking systems provide a glimpse into the future”

The Forbes

“How AR can transform the live sports broadcast and fan experience using the Apple Vision Pro.”


This experience has emerged as a pioneering example of how sports broadcasting can evolve to meet the demands of the modern viewer. 
Feedback from fans and industry experts highlight this project as not just a remarkable use case for Vision Pro but as a first step towards what the future of all live sports broadcasts could be. 
The unanimous acclaim and the successful live demonstration underscore the readiness of such immersive technologies, suggesting we stand on the cusp of a new era where engaging, interactive viewing experiences become a staple for sports enthusiasts worldwide.

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