Vodafone Augments the VI Nations In-Venue Experience with AR

Feb 2024
Available on
IOS & Android
Vodafone Ireland & UK
As a partner of the Rugby VI Nations competition, Vodafone aimed to leverage its cutting-edge 5G network to provide an unparalleled augmented reality (AR) experience for fans attending the matches in person. The goal was to enhance the live game experience and engage fans in a way that had never been done before.
Vodafone’s brief for this project was twofold:
  1. Leverage the stadium 5G network to offer rugby fans real-time insights and dynamic visuals of the game.
  2. Design a visually impactful experience that would capture photogenic moments, seamlessly integrating into Vodafone’s 5G marketing campaign, and encourage users to share these moments on social media.
The AR experience was available throughout the entire stadium during the Rugby World Cup warm-up games and the VI Nations 2024 in Ireland, and it made a debut appearance during the first VI Nations Women’s games in Wales.

Gwen Crabb, Second Row, Wales Women’s team

“It has introduced a completely new element to the live game experience, helping fans to understand exactly what’s unfolding on the pitch in front of them and increasing accessibility to the game, which is a hugely significant step!”

Maria Koutsoudakis, Brand Director, Vodafone UK

“We were thrilled to mark the occasion by trialling our new Vodafone 5G Fan App at Principality Stadium, which harnesses 5G’s faster speeds, lower latency and greater capacity to bring the AR tech to life and connect rugby fans with the game they love in an exciting new way”

Experience overview

Fans could use an AR app to follow the game in an immersive, innovative way. The app provided several standout features:
Lineups as Giant AR Avatars
At the beginning of the game, fans could view the team lineups displayed as giant, lifelike AR avatars right on the pitch, giving a larger-than-life introduction to the players.
Key Events with Giant Animations
Major game events, such as tries and conversions, were celebrated with spectacular giant animations, adding a visual spectacle to the in-venue experience and making these moments even more memorable.
Player Stats
Throughout the game, fans could access detailed player statistics in real-time. This feature allowed fans to gain deeper insights into player performances and game dynamics.

Press coverage

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Building on the success of the VI Nations AR experience, Vodafone plans to use this innovative technology as a central piece of its 5G marketing campaign during the Rugby World Cup warm-up games and during the VI Nations 2024. This strategy will further demonstrate the capabilities of Vodafone’s 5G network, providing fans with an enhanced, immersive experience while reinforcing Vodafone’s position as a leader in 5G innovation.

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