F1 revolutionizes the GP Broadcast experience with an interactive 3D vizualization of the race

Aug 2023
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IOS & Android

Netflix Docuseries set off an incredible rise in F1 Popularity, with a 71% increase in just three years, hooking even the new generation into the sport.

However, watching F1 has two key pain points : it lacks a sense of general overview; and a race is too long for the new generation to watch passively.

Leveraging the success of the augmented reality (AR) companion experience offered for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, TSN aimed at enhancing its audience’s viewing experience for the Grand Prix du Canada 2023.

Experience overview

Live 3D overview of the race

To address this, solution offered a live, dynamic 3D model of the circuit, completed with real-time positions of each car, synced with TSN stream. Fans could now gain an unparalleled overview of the race’s progression, understanding the spatial dynamics and strategies unfolding on the track.

Direct interactions

The solution also allowed viewers to interact directly with the race by selecting any car on the 3D model to follow their favorite driver more closely. This interaction provided fans with key insights and data such as the number of pit stops made, current tire selections, and time gaps to competitors ahead and behind, enriching the viewing experience with deeper strategic understanding.


This innovative approach transformed the Formula 1 viewing experience into a highly engaging, interactive journey, addressing the previously unmet need for a comprehensive overview and personalized engagement with the race.
It proved to be an exceptional companion to the traditional broadcast, especially resonating with the younger, more tech-savvy audience that seeks an active rather than passive viewing experience.

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