FIFA+ scores 12% traffic growth during World Cup 2022

Dec 2022
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Engagement rate

FIFA+ AR experience went viral and reached millions, the Buzz on socials brought incredible traffic and engagement in the app for the rest of the competition

“What watching a World Cup game with AR is like 🤯”

– A Spanish fan

“I had a privilege to see and feel how AR will transform football experience”

– A Croatian fan

Experience overview

Interact with the game

The journey of this exceptional experience began with a relatable need shared by every fan: the desire to know more about a player. By simply pointing their phones at the pitch from any spot in the stadium, users could click on a player and instantly access FIFA’s live analysis of his performance.

Live AR analysis

To further enrich the fan experience, real-time insights were overlaid directly on top of the on-field actions. Thanks to ultra-live data feeds and next-gen metrics provided by FIFA’s analyst team, fans had access to cutting-edge information right as the game unfolded.

Machine Learning

The magic behind these mind-blowing features was’s machine learning proprietary pitch recognition system. 
With remarkable accuracy and speed, it detects the pitch and tracks players and ball on it, enabling an immersive and engaging experience like never before.

Press coverage


“The future of watching football is here”


“FIFA+ App Shares Real-Time AR Stats for World Cup Fans”

Sport Business Journal

“FIFA+ App Offers AR Features Showing Real-Time Player Data During World Cup”

The Guardian

“At Qatar 2022 even when the game begins, the virtual world still seeps in”


Despite FIFA’s soft launch with minimal communication, the experience went viral and reached millions. This resounding response confirmed the immense interest and enthusiasm among the young generation of fans.

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