Magenta TV offered an interactive companion to engage fans with FIFA World Cup live games

Dec 2022
Available on
IOS, Android & AR Glasses
Magenta TV

Recent trends indicate a significant decline in traditional sports consumption among the younger generation, who are increasingly drawn to alternative forms of content and interactive experiences.

Modern fans no longer passively watch games; they crave engagement and hyper-personalized interactions. To address this shift, broadcasters are compelled to enhance their conventional offerings.
In light of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Deutsche Telekom sets out to test a new model that complements the traditional TV experience.

Their goal was to empower users with greater engagement and control over their World Cup experience without replacing the established TV viewing.

What fans said...

“If you like football, technology and tactics it’s massively interesting!”

“Cool app, fun experience. Exciting for Euro 2024 :)”

Experience overview

Mobile companion

This comprehensive content was perfectly synchronized with Magenta TV’s live broadcast, enabled by Immersiv’s advanced machine learning synchronization algorithm.

The mobile application provided fans with on-demand access to live statistics, video highlights, interviews, and instant goal replays.

Available on glasses

The team also delivered an AR glasses experience on Lenovo and Nreal, leveraging Spatial Computing to merge 1st and 2nd screen experiences in one, paving the way for the future adoption of head-mounted displays on the consumer market, starting with the Apple Vision Pro.


These groundbreaking experiences set new industry standards: the first mobile companion to enrich live broadcasts and the first use of AR glasses for live sports viewing, affirming DT’s commitment in harnessing next-generation engagement and technological advancement.

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