Augmented Match at the Orange Velodrome for the Olympique de Marseille

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Orange has been the 1st operator in France to equip a stadium with 5G connectivity, at the Orange Velodrome stadium in Marseille. Nowadays, the company is working on the next generation of innovative user-centric products and services that will revolutionize the digital user experience with the most advanced network technologies (such as 5G, fiber…).

In 2021, Orange has decided to experiment with the future of sporting events within the 5G-equipped Orange Velodrome in Marseille by working with and its digital solution ARISE. This collaboration has been made possible with the support of Olympique de Marseille, through the OM Data Lab, to provide live statistics and key analytical data throughout the competitions.

Thanks to ultra-low latency and large bandwidth provided by 5G, Orange will enable spectators to live the competitions with real-time statistics in AR and to experience events like never before, in the stands as in the VIP lounges.

The AR application, called Augmented Match, has been showcased for the first time during Vivatech 2021, at the Orange Lab presenting the latest innovations around 5G and high connectivity, and was developed for iOS and Android devices as much as Nreal smart glasses.

The ultimate football fan experience with Augmented Match

Through this project, Orange, OM and have worked together to create an interactive and immersive application that the fans can use live at the Orange Velodrome stadium to enrich their existing Football Fan experience. Two solutions have been developed using our products ARISE Stadium and ARISE Home for the fans in the stands and in the VIP lounges.

For the fans in the stands, Augmented Match gives them the possibility to display augmented reality content directly on the field and to get access to real-time information throughout the match.

For the fans in VIP lounges, they can now experience a full immersion in the game through the Nreal augmented reality glasses provided,  and better follow and understand the action thanks to an AR mini-pitch.

From the stands...

In the stands, using their smartphone or smart glasses, all fans can click on the players on the pitch to display real-time statistics (such as speed, passes, shots…). They can also access the player page to get more information about their favorite player’s performance, as much as displaying AR visualizations on the pitch (such as heatmap, shooting, or passes % by zones…). Thanks to Orange’s edge computing solution, the synchronization of the information displayed in AR with the action happening in real-time is seamless!

Fans also receive in-app notifications to better understand the game highlights and access a Timeline gathering the match events with more insights about every action of the game.

In the VIP lounges, fans have access to Nreal augmented reality glasses. Using these glasses, or using their own Android or Apple smartphone, they can follow the game live in a mini-pitch displayed in front of them, giving them a more global overview of where the players are and how the game is developing. They can zoom in, zoom out, and can even replay the last goals in 3D!

... to the lodges!

Like in the Stadium version of Augmented Match, in the “Home” version fans have access to all the data regarding the players, the team’s composition, and the game timeline. But what they can do that fans in the stadium can’t, is calling for a 3D avatar of the player of their choice to take him next to them!

If for now, Orange is only using the Augmented match “home” application in the VIP lounges of the Velodrome, we can imagine that tomorrow every fan will be able to have the same experience from the comfort of their living room.

What's next?

Thanks to augmented reality, every fan can personalize his experience, focus on the players he wants, and display pieces of information on-demand to get a better understanding of the game, all that in real-time in the stadium.

The two solutions we developed for Orange and the OM are complementary. On the one hand, you have an enhanced live game experience for every fan in the stadium. On the other hand, you have the possibility for every fan, no matter if they are at home or in the stadium, to follow the action at the closest through a live-sync mini-pitch.

With Augmented Match, is once again at the forefront of digital innovation in the sports industry with key partners, allowing fans to create their own immersive and personalized experience of the match by interacting with the content they want when they want, and as much as they want.


The Future of Watching Sports

With our white label solution, ARISE, discover the Future of Watching Sports in-stadium or at home, with an interactive and personalized live experience for each user, thanks to augmented reality!

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