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Snap Inc. has been working for a few years now on its very own Augmented Reality glasses. Last spring, during the Snap Partners Summit, the 3rd generation of Snap’s Spectacles was revealed.

While these glasses are not available to the public yet, some lucky few in the AR creation community have been chosen to develop applications and experiences for the Spectacles. It’s in this context that Snap approached us, asking us to create an immersive experience for its AR glasses.

As a Sport AR company, of course, we wanted to build a sports-related AR experience. We aim to design tomorrow’s Sports Fan experience. We’ve reached out to the Los Angeles Rams and they jumped on this journey with us!

Named “LA Rams mini-game”, the experience we’ve created is available on the Spectacles Lens Store. It was showcased at the House of Rams pre-game garden party on January 17th. Fans could also test the lens in the VIP lodges during the game.

LA Rams x Spectacles showcase at the House of Rams, featuring Beau Clark

Gamifying the sports fan experience

The way we see it, tomorrow’s Sports Fan Experience needs to put the fan back at the center. Let him not only live the experience but be a part of it.

By creating the LA Rams Mini Game, this is what we tried to achieve.

The first thing the fans see when he launches the experience is the LA Rams logo appearing on the ground and a football catch glove appearing in front of him. “Catch the glove to start the experience”.

Then the fan heads towards the glove. When he tries to catch it, the glove is covering its hand and Mathew Staffords appear, in life-size, all geared up, in front of him.

To start the throw, the fan has to step back (at least 6yards) to initiate the throw. Once in position, Matthew will launch the football and the fan has to catch it with on hand!

Whether it’s a win or miss, a scoreboard appears and invites the fan to try and beat its own score.

“LA Rams mini-game” lens on the Spectacles

Putting the fan back at the center of its experience

What’s best for a fan than being able to meet and play with his favorite player? Our focus was to design an experience that felt real to the user. We used most of the hand-tracking technology offered by Snapchat on Lens Studio so the fan can grab a glove and catch the ball that Matthew is throwing at him as he would do in real life.

The Spectacles are taking it one step further by offering the fan a total immersion in the LA Rams universe. You can take your favorite player anywhere and just feel like you’re playing with him!

The fan is invited to capture the experience on the Spectacles and share it with its friends and other fans to compare their scores and compete with each other!

If the fan tries to get close to the player, he will see that Matthew is taking poses: a great time for the fan to take a picture of him or ask someone to take a picture of them together!

Behind the Spectacles, how we’ve created an AR mini-game for the LA Rams (NFL Team)

What's next?

The gamification of an experience is triggering real, powerful human emotions, leading to positive user experiences. Which leads to better engagement, loyalty, and commitment.

When you see your scoreboard appearing in the corner, it taps into your natural competitive spirit. The first thing you want to do is hit the play again button and try to beat your own record!

We think that gamification has a central place in the future of Sports Fan Experience, and we will keep working in that direction We think that gamification has a central place in the future of Sports Fan Experience, and we will keep working in that direction, and create experiences on the Spectacles.

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