Announcing partnership with NOKIA

Immersiv is proud to announce its brand new technologic partnership with the multinational company Nokia Technologies, as a result of a successful project we carried out together during the past few months.

Watch sports as you never watched it before! Using Nokia’s OZO Camera, the world’s first 3D 360 VR camera built for professionals, allowed us to offer an exciting new way of living two of the most watched soccer events this year. We were able to create and share an immersive VR experience of live major European tournament and championship with our demo app.

Immersiv used the OZO Player SDK, a software development kit which enables easy distribution of high-quality 3D 360 content across multiple platforms, such as Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift. Our application let the user build his very own way of watching a simple live soccer game, transporting him closer to the action and right next to the player with a simple gaze, but also offering him real-time stats and social networks reactions.

By becoming Nokia’s certified developer, we will be one of the few lucky companies, and the first one in Europe, having the privilege of using the unique technology Nokia has to offer with the OZO Camera, helping us deliver an even more realistic experience bringing you further into the virtual reality world.

Nokia’s press release :