Our mixed reality demo showcased by Robert Scoble in his talk at Leade.rs Paris

We have presented our Hololens demo application to Robert Scoble, VR/AR blogger, technical evangelist and author, who showcased our solution during his talk at Leade.rs in Paris on April 12.



Mr. Scoble, best known for promoting breakthrough technologies and startups, tested our live game mixed reality second screen experience on Hololens before deciding to use it as an example during his talk, “The next two clicks of Moore’s Law”, on the future of mixed reality solutions and technologies.

“The future of television is augmented reality. I didn’t understand exactly what [it was] until this morning when I saw a cool startup,” said Mr. Scoble talking about our get-together. He went on by emphasizing the fact that “with mixed reality, with these new glasses and technologies coming, we are going to be able to discover TV in a new way,” before introducing our startup and our product. “You are going to be able to see as many screens as you want, like a physical screen and a virtualized screen. It’s really amazing.”

You can watch the whole talk on Robert Scoble’s official Facebook page, with the part about Immersiv between minutes 1:30 and 4:54.