Delivering the first 5G AR Experience for football

Last week during the “Wolfsburg – Hoffenheim” Bundesliga game, we were very happy to showcase for the first time the experience we developed in collaboration with the DFL and Vodafone. We showed to an audience of journalists and football players how Augmented Reality can improve the in-stadium experience !

Using our Arise solution, we were able to overlay in realtime information like speed, number of passes, number of shots,… on top of the players during the live game. To get more information about a player, users could select him just by tapping on him on their smartphone screen. This experience has been developed using a combination of machine learning and computer vision algorithms and it is powered by 5G technology.

A few words from our partners:

“5G is the beginning of a new era – and the Bundesliga is taking the first step. Together with Vodafone and VfL Wolfsburg, we are able to present this new application that underlines what the new technology is capable of. An increasing number of football spectators use an additional screen to provide themselves with further information during the match. These possibilities will also be available in the stadium in the future thanks to 5G,” says DFL CEO Christian Seifert.

“We are expanding the stadium experience for football fans. Information from the digital world and emotions from the stadium are melting together. In the future, statistics fans will be able use their smartphone to view all the information in real time that is otherwise available only on the “Sportschau” in the evening,” says Vodafone Deutschland CEO Hannes Ametsreiter.

You can find the official announcements on DFL and Vodafone websites.

To better understand how it works, here is a video of the ARISE solution in action: