Augmented reality revolutionize industry principles such as: design, operations, maintenance, marketing, communication and customer experience.

We handle projects in the following industries: aerospace, automotive, energy, and also sports, media, communication & live events. Even if these businesses are very different from each other, the stakes and challenges we face are similar.

Indeed, the augmented reality applications we design and develop always aim at improving performance, either during phases of design, operations, maintenance, and training, or for communication and customer experience.


Augmented reality allows designers to see virtual prototypes in 3D in their direct space, reducing the number of real prototypes and improving the design process.

Operations & Maintenance

Augmented reality can help technicians handle complex tasks by presenting information exactly where it should be and when they need it. Remote assistance by an expert is also available directly from the headset.


Augmented reality can be very useful as a training tool, as it eases contextual role-playing, either in presence or remotely.

Marketing & Communication

Augmented reality is a new way to communicate. Data visualization in 3D makes it easier to demonstrate and understand complex systems.

Customer Experience

Immersive and collaborative, augmented reality can be used to created innovative experiences, corresponding to our clients’ brand image.

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