Consulting & training

Our expertise at your service

Today, augmented reality already improves performance and efficiency for many business areas. We provide our expertise to help you define and set up the best augmented reality strategy for your business.


We chose to focus on augmented reality so we can follow closely the constant evolution of its technologies. Our team helps you choose the best devices and the best tools for your business challenges.

Our experience with multiple projects gives our experts the knowledge to design easy-to-use applications, that are seamlessly integrated to your information systems.


To deploy your augmented reality project in your company, we train your teams who will be using augmented reality in their work.

Possibilities offered by augmented reality and mixed reality are often misunderstood, that’s why we can come and meet your teams with real-life examples to show them the different use-cases.

Our experts also train teams working on design and development of augmented reality experiences.

You would like to know how to benefit from augmented reality?