Development studio

Developing your augmented reality project together

We help you bring your augmented reality projects to life, thanks to our UX, UI and 3D development experts.

  • User experience design

    • User experience is key for a successful augmented reality project. Our team defines the key elements of the experience based on what you need.
    • Storytelling
    • Navigation
    • Interactions

  • User Interface design

    • The user interface is very important for a good comprehension of the experience, in particular when you add virtual elements on top of reality.
    • 3D modeling
    • Textures & shaders
    • Animations

  • Unity 3D development

    • Our experts develop the augmented reality experience using Unity3D and export it to the targeted platforms: Hololens, Daqri, Meta .
    • Unity 3D
    • Windows Mixed Reality
    • Vuforia

  • Project Management

    • Our team is always listening to your needs, ensures the successful execution of your project, and delivers your application on targeted platforms.
    • Specifications
    • Sprints
    • Tests & publication

Our technologies

How we work

Our team works with Agile methodology as short life-cycle sprints helps guaranteeing project’s¬†compliance and stability. These iterative projects reviews ultimately¬†ensure that the final application meet your needs.

Building your project together

After analyzing your initial needs, we design and develop your project for you.

Dedicated team

We dedicate an entire team to work closely with your internal experts on your project.

You have an augmented reality project?