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We build your tailor-made AR fan experiences


We help you bring to life your augmented reality projects thanks to our design, development, machine learning & delivery expertise

Project management

Our team is always listening to your needs, ensures the successful execution of your project, and delivers your application on targeted platforms.

User experience

We will define the key elements of the experience based on your needs and the way you want to engage with your audience: storytelling, navigation, interactions.

User interface design

To create a fully immersive experience, the virtual elements need to be seamlessly integrated into the fan’s real environment. For that our team of designers has specialized in AR.

AR development

We leverage the latest frameworks (Unity 3D, ARKit, ARCore) on both mobile (Android, IOS) and smart glasses (Nreal, Hololens, Spectacles, Magic Leap) to deliver the most advanced AR experiences.

Machine learning

We work with the most recent machine learning & computer vision technologies to develop smart solutions that will adapt and evolve within the fan environment, to ensure the smoothest experience.

Support & Monitoring

Because creating an experience doesn’t stop at the delivery. Our teams are here to help and assist you all along your project’s existence.


Building your bespoke AR experience


Sports industry

Our team has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the sports industry, their stakeholders, issues, and opportunities. More specifically, we have multiple years of experience in understanding and building the next-gen fan experiences for tier-one sports organisations and medias across the world.


Live event

Part of our team members have more than 10 years of experience in delivering live fan experiences for world-scale sporting events and competitions. We are experts in integrating, treating and delivering sports data in real-time to millions of sports fans for the biggest international events.


Augmented reality

We have been creating AR experiences for sports rights owners since 2016, and we stay at the forefront of XR innovation. We use cutting-edge AR technologies, and rely on strong partnerships with major device manufacturers to provide the best AR user experiences possible.


Backed by our R&D labs

Our team of data scientists works with the latest machine learning and computer vision technologies to detect, track and augment objects in space and to provide a smooth user experience with augmented reality.
ARISE patented technology is an example of how we leverage computer vision and deep learning to detect the pitch from any point of view in the stands and to track it in live throughout the whole game.

Our experts develop your augmented reality experience for mobile or smart glasses using Unity 3D, Lens Studio (Snap Inc.), Sparks AR (Meta), ARKit (iOS) or ARCore (Android) and export it on the targeted platforms: HoloLens 2, Magic Leap, Nreal, Spectacles 3, Google Store, App Store or Snapchat…
As the XR market is in constant growth, and the technology is evolving fast, we care about always being ahead of it. We are conducting a constant technology and opportunity watch, and keep learning and evolving with the market.

The user interface is very important for a good comprehension of the experience, especially when you add virtual elements on top of reality. Our designers, specialists in immersive experiences, create the 3D models and animations necessary for your project, according to the user journey and technical specifications.
By using the latest shading and texture techniques, they are able to seamlessly integrate the virtual layer, the “augmented reality layer” into the physical reality. This is what makes our experiences so immersive.


We work with them to enhance their fan experience, what about yours ?


Whether it is via our product or our studio, discover our latest experiences

Our portfolio

Since 2016, our team of AR experts creates the finest sports interactive experiences on mobile and smart glasses.

Our product ARISE

With Augmented Reality, ARISE provides sports fans with an unprecedented live experience, in-stadium or at home.

Want to know more about our creative studio?

If you need further information, want to book a live demo of the product or simply want to talk with us about the future of the fan experience, contact us!